Gaafar, Mohamed Abdel Rahman

Personal Information:

Position: Research Assistant Gaafar, Mohamed Abdel Rahman

Mohamed Abdel Rahman Gaafar was born in Lusaka, Zambia. The family then moved to South Africa where he got his IGCSE degree at Al-Nur School. He was set to be an engineer from a young age. He loved physics and mathematics. He also enjoys playing chess, soccer and taekwondo. Mohamed loves to travel, socialize and make the best he can of life.

He entered electrical and communications engineering at the University of Alexandria, Egypt, where he graduated second of his class in 2009. Wanting to learn more and feeling attracted to the field of research he worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Alexandria since then. He taught subjects including circuits, electromagnetics, antenna theory and Networks.

He started preparing his master thesis in the field of wireless communications. He has explored the use of relays and network coding in state-of-the-art wireless communications systems. He is working in the 4G++ research group, which is a collaboration of researchers, trying to explore the next generation of techniques to be used in LTE-Advanced. He is currently in an internship in Paris, at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie. Here he uses systemC AMS to see how close software simulations could get to real life systems, specifically the Wireless HD standard.